January 26, 2023

Background Story

A deep and horrible cave is the enchanted place in Lumbridge Swamp where Guthix lives. His tears are so powerful that they can help you to understand the world deeply.

The guard is a very loyal Serpent Juna who will never allow you to enter the cave.


Juna’s main problem is boredom, and that boredom made her angry and sad. Now, she is more dangerous. Secondly, she is very loyal; that’s why she will never allow you to enter the cave.


I have the best option for you, and that is to entertain Juna. She has been getting bored outside the cave for many years. So, if you entertain her by telling your brave stories, she will allow you to get the tears.

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the world? There is no option to say No because you need them, which means you have to collect the tears.


These skills are required to start and easily complete the quest.

  • 43 quest points
  • 49 firemaking
  • 20 crafting
  • 20 mining

Required Items

  • Lantern
  • Chisel
  • Tinderbox
  • Pickaxe
  • Rope


Slayer helmet

Starting Point

The point where Juna lives in boredom in the Guthix’s cave.

Start the Quest

These five steps are the most important. So, read them carefully and follow everything as I’m going to describe. Let’s start!

Step One

Enter the cave and start moving towards the southwest of the Lumbridge Swamp. Some beasts will attack you, and you need to kill them.

Start moving until you reach the frog’s point. There is another cave entrance. Enter it, and you can see Juna the Serpent there.

Lumbridge Swamp Cave:

Step Two

Talk to her, and she will demand to entertain her by telling the stories of your adventures.

After listening to stories, she will allow you to enter the cave. She will tell you about the details to make a special bowl to collect the tears.


Step Three

A special kind of rock is needed to make the bowl available on the chasm’s side. Pick up your lantern and move towards the chasm to find the rock.

Sapphire Lantern:

Step Four

Find the rock and use your pickaxe to mine it. Use a chisel on it and make the bowl.

Step Five

Pick up the lantern and keep the bowl carefully. Return towards Juna and talk to her


Your quest Tears of Guthix has been completed.


  • One quest point
  • 1,000 crafting experience
  • Access to the Guthix’s cave


1- How do I start tears of Guthix?

Ans: You need to start it from the cave where Juna lives in the Lumbridge Swamp. You have to entertain her by telling your adventurous stories.

This is the starting point as well as the entry point in the cave to collect the tears.

2- How much XP do you get from the tears of Guthix?

Ans: you will get 1,000 crafting XP at the end of the quest. The main reason for giving the crafting experience because you have to craft the bowl.

That’s why at the end, you will get the chance to play the minigame once a week and 1,000 XP points.