January 26, 2023

Animal Magnetism is one of the easy quests in Old School RuneScape.

Most people love to help Ava because she is not sleeping well. So, are you ready to help her? She needs your help so that she may sleep peacefully.


A beautiful girl is a new assistant of Professor Oddenstein in Draynor Manor, but she does not feel comfortable there. Her sleeping bed is not peaceful, and she needs your help to fix it and get a big reward at the end. Will you help her to get a peaceful sleep?

Draynor Manor:

A hunted that mansion where Ava is living, but she is not sleeping well. It is the central location of four quests means you have to play four different quests here. Their names are mentioned below:

  • Ernest, the chicken
  • Vampyre Slayer
  • Animal magnetism
  • Fairytale 1 – Growing pains


Some of these skills will help you to complete Animal Magnetism easily and quickly. So, do not forget to have these skills. First of all, you need to complete these quests:

  • The Restless Ghosts
  • Earnest, the chicken
  • Priest in Peril

Secondly, these skills are necessary to compete with your opposite enemies.

  • 18 Slayer Skills
  • 19 Crafting Skills
  • 30 Ranged Skills
  • 35 woodcutting skills

Items Required

People or monsters in every quest demand something to exchange the information they have. So, you must have these items to use in exchange with others to complete the quest fastly.

  • Mithril axe
  • Five iron bars
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • 20 Ecto-Tokens
  • Hammer
  • Hard leather
  • Holy symbols
  • Polished buttons


I have created a list of some items that will help you finish this quest without being harmed. Would you like to use these recommended items? The answer is, “Of Course, Yes,” do not forget to keep them in your bag because it would be helpful.

  • Draynor manor teleport tablets
  • Games necklace
  • Ectophial
  • Fenkenstrain’s castle teleport tablets
  • 1300 coins
  • Varrock teleport
  • Skills necklace

Starting Point

Your starting point is Draynor Manor, where you have to talk to Ava and speak to her.

Quest Start:

I’m going to explain all the instructions step by step, which is easy and helps you understand everything. So, stay tuned, scroll your screen down, and read these steps from start to end.

Step One:

Firstly, move toward the west wing of Draynor Manor and search for a Secret Bookcase. Ava lives behind this secret wall. Talk to her about her problem. She will tell you that she is unable to sleep and needs your help to fix the bed. You need some “Undead Chickens” to fix the bed from Port Phasmatys.


Step Two:

Pick up the GhostSpeak Amulet and Ecto-Tokens and move towards Port Phasmatys. Talk to Alice and ask her if you need some Undead Chickens. She will tell you to ask her husband, and her husband is dead. So, use your amulet to speak to him.

Undead Chicken:

Step Three:

Talk to Alice’s husband by using the Ghostspeak amulet, and ask him about the chickens. He will ask you to pay his message to his wife. Keep talking to both of them until Alice tells you about an “Old Crone” that will help you.

Old Crone:

Step Four:

It’s time to visit Old Crone in the west and reach her house. Go inside the house and talk to her. She will give you a Crone-made Amulet and ask you to give this amulet to Alice’s husband.

Crone-made Amulet:

Step Five:

Return to Alice’s farm and give this amulet to her husband. He will sell one undead chicken for 10 Ecto-Tokens. Buy two chickens in exchange for 20 Ecto-tokens.


Step Six:

Take the chickens and teleport yourself in the manor again. Talk to Ava and give her the undead chickens. Now, she will ask you to talk to a witch.


Step Seven:

The witch lives in the next room to Ava. so do not forget to take five iron-bars with you. Talk to her, and she will demand you the iron bars. She will make some selected iron from these bars. Pick up the chosen bar and move towards Rimmington Mine. Now, make a magnet by hitting it with a hammer during the face north.

Rimmington Mine:

Step Eight:

Give this magnet to Ava, and she will tell you to make regenerated wood. Chop the tree that always attacks you while passing. It is unable to chop.


Step Nine:

Talk to Ava and tell her that you can not chop the tree. She will ask you to visit Taurel, the slayer master; he can help you. Use your Games Necklace and teleport towards Taurel. Visit him and talk to him.

He will tell you that you need a blessed axe and holy water. Take both of these items from him and teleport yourself to the manor. Cut the tree with this axe, and now you successfully cut it and give it to Ava.

Blessed Axe:

Step Ten:

Now, Ava will give you a note that you have to solve to complete the quest. She needs a container that she will get after translating the paper.

There are nine different kinds of green signs on the form. Whenever you touch them, they turn red. Translate it carefully; otherwise, you will lose your game. You have to click all the signs except the 2nd, 5th, and 9th. All the other paper will turn red.

Note Paper: 

Step Eleven:

She will give you a Polished Button and Hard Leather to make the Container she demands. Combine the note with these things and make a container. Give it to Ava, and she will give an accumulator.


You have Completed Animal Magnetism Quest.


  • 1000 XP in crafting
  • 1000 XP in fletching
  • 1000 XP in slayer
  • 2500 woodcutting XP
  • One quest point
  • Ava’s device


Isn’t it an easy quest? Have you carefully read all the steps? If yes, then you will win the quest easily. Make sure to have all the required and recommended items because that will help you a lot. So, are you ready to play it? Play, win and tell us about your experience. This guide will help you from start to end, and now you can quickly complete the quest.


1- How do you get ecto tokens for animal magnetism?

Ans: You can get ecto-tokens by worshiping Ectofuntus. Wherever you will worship him, you will get five tokens for one worship. So, worship him as much as you can, and then you will get many ecto-tokens. You will earn 1000 tokens by worshiping Ectofuntus 200 times.

2- How do I get to Port Phasmatys?

Ans: Ava asks you to bring her undead chickens, and you will get them in Port Phasmatys. You can teleport yourself from Draynor Mansion to Port to bring a pair of chickens for Ava.