January 26, 2023

Holy Grail:

A quest in Old School RuneScape that is not an adventurer level like you have played first. It is a simple quest where you have to find the Holy Grail. You will enjoy it because many new doors of OSRS will open for you.


King Arthur calls all his round table Knights and wants to send them on a journey. A journey to find the Holy Grail and give it to the king.

You are a knight of his, and he is looking for you to provide you with orders. Go and talk to him and take orders to start your journey.

King Arthur:

Requirements of This Quest:

The required items will help you to complete it easily and quickly.

  • Merlin’s crystal (complete quest)
  • 20 attacks
  • You must have the ability to defeat Black Knight Titan.

Items Required:


It is a sword that will help you in the Holy Grail Quest.


  • Weapon and armour
  • Food
  • Camelot teleport
  • Ardougne teleport
  • Falador teleport
  • Amulet of glory
  • Combat bracelet
  • 60 coins
  • Antipoison


Black Knight Titan


A step by step guide is easy to understand; that’s why I’m providing you ease and writing it in steps. I hope you can understand it easily and complete the quest quickly.

Step One:

King Arthur is sitting on the first floor of the castle. Visit him and ask him what he is thinking? He will tell you to go and find the Holy Grail and bring it to him. You can get more details from Merlin.


Step Two:

Merlin is sitting in a small room on the second floor. Enter the room and talk to him. He will tell you about Holy Island and Galahad to visit him there.


Step Three:

Travel towards Holy Island Entrana and talk to the High Priest there. Tell him that you are looking for the Holy Grail.


High Priest:

Step Four:

Travel towards Galahad’s house and talk to him. He will tell you that once he found the holy grail but did not take it. He will give you some Holy Napkins.

Holy Napkins:

Step Five:

Visit Draynor Manor and head to the top floor of the mansion. Pick up two Magic Whistles from there.

Magic Whistles:

Step Six:

Are you ready for the battle? At this point, you have to fight with your enemy. Make sure to bring these items:

  • Armour
  • Excalibur
  • Food
  • Magic whistle

Step Seven:

Travel toward Brimhaven to the Peninsula. Below the magic whistle and you will automatically teleport to Fisher Realm.


Fisher Realm:

Step Eight:

After reaching the fisher realm, you have to fight with Black Knight Titan. Fight with him by using Excalibur. Turn the protect from melee and attack on him. If you kill him, then you will be able to move.

Step Nine:

Walk along the river and visit Fisherman. He will ask you to ring the bell. Move toward the castle and pick up the Grail Bell.

Ring the bell, and a maid will bring you to the castle. Talk to the Fisher King; you will see that he is not feeling well. He will ask you about his son Percival who is a knight of King Arthur.

Grail Bell:

The Fisher King:

Step Ten:

Return to Camelot and ask the king about Percival. He will give you a Magic Gold Feather that will bring you to Percival.


Step Eleven:

Travel towards Goblin Village. You will find Percival in a hut. He will tell you that some Goblins caught him, that’s why he is here. Give him a magic whistle and teleport him to the Fisher Realm.

Goblin Village:

Step Twelve: 

Travel back to Fisher Realm and move toward the top floor of the castle. Take the Holy Grail and return to King Arthur.


Your quest Holy Grail has been completed.


  • Two quest points
  • 11,000 prayer XP
  • 15,300 defence XP


I hope you read all the steps carefully. Now, what do you want to do? Let me tell you! Open the Old School RuneScape and start playing Holy Grail.

You have all the important guidelines that will help you to complete your quest easily without any hurdle. Have you started playing? Start playing right now but don’t forget to tell me about your experience.