January 26, 2023
How Android Spy Helps Cut The Sloppy Employees

Ever seen a toddler or a young kid trying to study. They will try to focus on one thing in one second but will switch it to other in the next moment. I think humans become that kind of toddler kid at the workplace. It’s like you know you will not be allowed to go anywhere else or enjoy anything unless you finish the assigned task but still the distraction will never let you do your job. Mobile phones, social media and all other rubbish stuff have contributed a lot to make us like that.

No, I am not saying that only technology is responsible for this. All I am saying is it has a fair contribution. So when I say that I could not work because I got distracted watching my favourite movie or wasted hours watching TikTok videos and challenges then believe I am helpless. 

The thing about technology is that just like any other man-made invention it was made to bring positivity to human life. We Americans like the tech and modern tools as 

  • According to ncscs reports, 17 % of US companies introduced new tech or tools between the period of 2014-2016 and that includes companies having five or more employees. 

Now that shows our commitment to modern technology. The introduction of new tech and tools must not ignore the fact of too much dependence on the tools. Every day techonology change our life style and increase our uses of digital gadgets. As per need and demand of time cell phone becomes our essential need. everyone around us spend time to use the mobile phones. But it increase the chances of digital dangers.

Even for that, they have introduced smart tools like android spy, computer monitoring software and more. Back to distractive mode, I have seen many of my employees slacking at the workplace. Right after the pandemic, with an unstable economy and many businesses filing for bankruptcy, It was enough.

We have to cut some of the the employees and I did not want to follow the general rule. I thought those who have passion and want to honestly work here should stay. The plan was to not cut off employees depending on their seniority thing.

The criteria were quality and love for work and the OgyMogy android spy  app helped me a lot in making this decision easier. It always helps and support you to choose the best path to secretly check your employees and their work capabilities. In short you can easily get approach to your working staff during duty hours at office. it helps you to protect your business from upcoming hazardous.

Therefore, you can check your targeted employees through ogymogy android spy app that enable you to find every phone live activity. then you can check what your staff is doing on company base devices. 

The Gadget Disease:

We all have people around us who have this useless habit of wasting time on smart tools. They have to light up the screen every minute to check if they have received any message or email or any other notification. Most of the time is wasted on this activity.

The OgyMogy spy app notifies the user about the overall screen activities of the target employee. You can check how much time was spent on the android and how much was spent on doing any user activity.

So, it is simple and secret way to check your employees screen activities and come to know what they are doing with their digital gagdets. Luckily you can read messages and emails of your targeted ones. It helps you to find their conversation. 

No More Calls:

Who has time to make long calls in this era??. Still, you will see some employees doing long audio and even video call during the official hours.  You can tackle such people in two ways. Either ban personal calls completely during the official hours. But here we tell you a way to remotely notified the all incoming outgoing calls on your targeted device.

With this call recording feature you can just monitor the incoming and outgoing call record with the android spy call log feature. Track the record and warn or take necessary action against the employees illegal calls. This is one of the most usefull and benifical feature that your really need for good will image of a company. 

Quality Over Quantity:

It is always about the quality of the work not how much time anyone spent in achieving the target. So I don’t care if you have completed the task in two hours just to impress me but it’s all wrong and useless. Do it right and that is what I want from my employees. I can monitor the individual services and activities of my employees at any given time with the short videos and screenshots saved about the screen activities.

All the information is saved with timestamped information so one can track the time frame as well. So, this is the best feature to measure their work performance through the screenshots and screen recording over time. It’s a blessing for all concerned employers who want to check their screen activities. Let’s go to install it without wasting any time on other useless features and tracking software.

Say Bye to Netflix, Football Matches And TikToks:

One of the major distractions in anyone’s life is the internet. Though no doubt it is one of the best inventions of human beings still we are relying too much on this. So if you have an employee who wastes official hours watching movies or streaming videos and browsing then you can simply eliminate those employees right away without any second thought.

There is no space for such non-serious employees. you can check their browsing history and find their latest usage of internet during working hours. You just take a step to install ogymogy and take advantage of the internet browsing history feature for further investigation. It works as perfectly as you want. This app never makes you confused about employee monitoring.

No more social media:

Employees spend their time using social media at the office. They spend their hours on Facebook to communicate with their friends, share a post, or for other reasons. Whatsapp to talk with their loved ones. Skype to make long calls to their friends and family.

So, these all activities is directly affect on companies’ goodwill. So, you are empowered to check your employee’s phones and install social messenger apps. You can check every single performance of them. 

Try OgyMogy android spy now for more exciting features. 


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