January 26, 2023

King Black Dragon:

The King of black demons, usually named “KBD,” is the strongest Boss Dragon in Old School RuneScape. It is a Three-Headed monster that lives in a lair located in Wilderness. The 276 combat level makes it one of the strongest dragons among all others. It is not an easy task to kill him because his powers are very high.

The dragon fire is a famous attack that can defeat the player within seconds. So, do not forget to take Anti-Dragon Shield with you because his fire breath can burn you. You can purchase it for free, and saves you from dragon fire.


There is nothing special available to kill the king, but we have chosen some items to help you. Keep them in your bag because you can use them anytime in the fight.

  • Skill Levels:

If you use a melee attack:

Level 80 or higher for attack skill

Level 80 or higher for strength attack

Level 70 or higher for hitpoints

Level 70 or higher for prayer

If you use Ranged attacks:

Level 80 or higher for ranged attack

Level 70 or higher for hitpoints

Level 74 or higher prayer

  • Completion of dragon slayer to access anti-dragon shield
  • Completion of Slug Menace for access to prostyle armour

Travel towards Black Dragon Lair:

The KBD lives in a lair that is located in Wilderness. You can teleport yourself in the wilderness, but you have to cover the cave’s distance by traveling. It is suggested you do not bring anything that you are not willing to lose, so be careful.

KBD Lair:

I’m going to tell you some shortcuts that can lead you toward the lair fastly. Would you like to travel to fastly? If you are ready, then go ahead and read the given ideas and reach your destination quickly.

Burning Amulet:

Use this amulet and teleport yourself to Lava Maze. Move towards the west, and then north along the fence, you will see a ladder there climb down from it.

Obelisk Teleportation:

If you have completed a Hard Wilderness Diary, then you can easily use this type. Select the teleportation area by using Obelisk and reach the wilderness obelisk. Run toward the southeast; you will see a ladder. Climb down the ladder, and you are at your destination.

Ghorrock Teleport:

Have you completed Desert Treasure? If yes, then use this option. It can fastly teleport you. Use it, and it will send you near the wilderness obelisk near the lair. Enter the gate and climb down to the ladder in the cave of the dragon. It is the ancient teleport system that is available for member and non-member players.

You can reach your destination by using these methods. After climbing down to the ladder, you will see a lever. Pull it and enter the house of Black Dragon.

Attacking Styles of King Black Dragon:

He can use two kinds of attacks while fighting with the player. You have to fight with him otherwise carefully; his attacks are so strong that you will die soon.

  1. Melee
  2. Dragon fire

Now, there are different kinds of breaths he can use to kill you. It is necessary to inform you about it so that you may save yourself from them.

  1. Fiery Breath
  2. Toxic Breath
  3. Shocking Breath
  4. Icy Breath

Protection of Player from Attacks:

You are well aware of the kinds of attacks you will face. I’m going to inform you of some tips that will help you keep yourself safe from Black Dragon.

Protection From Melee Attack:

If you are standing at a melee distance from the dragon, he will use a melee attack. If you are far from him, he can not use this attack. You can use Protect From Melee then he can not harm you.

Fiery Breath:

This is the strongest attack from the dragon that can hit you 65 damage. You can use different methods to keep yourself safe from burning.

  • Antifire Shield
  • Antifire Potions
  • Protect From Magic

If you use one of them or all collectively, you will be safe from burning.

Toxic Breath:

A successful hit from the dragon can cause 50 damage. It can inflict poison on the player. That’s why you have to fight with him while using toxic breath carefully. Use an antifire shield or protect from magic, then he can not harm you. Secondly, you can also use a combination of both these protections.

Shocking Breath:

You have to avoid this damages because this attack can drain two levels off from your all stat. You can get 50 damages, but if your levels drain then, you have to start again. Use protection from magic and shield.

Icy Breath:

This breath can freeze you, and you are unable to move. There is no chance to melt it but one. If you have 70 magic levels and 75 defence levels, then you can get a new shield. This shield will increase your immune system then you can break it.

Special Note for Players:

The good news for the payers is that you can kill this dragon by using Drogonbane Weapons. The KBD is known as Draconic creatures, which means they are weak against these weapons. So, use them and kill him. There are only two weapons available for the players, and that is mentioned below:

Dragon hunter crossbow

Dragon hunter lance

Items Drops:

When you are fighting with the dragon, he will drop some items. These items are precious ones because you can trade them and make money. Collect them and keep them in your bag, then sell them to get coins.

  • KBD heads
  • Dragon ammo tips
  • Fire runes
  • Blood runes
  • Law runes
  • Dragon pickaxe
  • Dragon helm
  • Dragon bones

A lot of other items you will see there. You have to collect them so you do not miss this chance because you can earn money by selling them.


I hope you understand all the steps and now you are ready to fight with him. This information is not only essential to know but also easy to act upon. After fighting and killing the King Black Dragon, do not forget to pick up the dropped items.

You have to carefully fight with him and keep yourself at a melee distance because breaths can harm you a lot. Now, play your game, win it, and then share this guide with others because it will help others.


1- How do you beat King Black Dragon?

Ans: The King Black Dragon is the strongest boss dragon. You can not quickly kill him because of his powers and strong attacks. He can attack you with melee and breath that can burn you. You need to keep a distance from him and use melee attacks against him. Secondly, you should use Demonbane Weapons to kill him because they are weak against these weapons.

2- Do you need an anti-dragon shield for KBD?

Ans: It is essential to use an anti-dragon shield because the king black dragon can use different breaths. He uses four various breaths that can harm you a lot, and only a shield can save you from harm. You have to keep this shield in your bag otherwise;, you will die soon.

3- Can you teleport out of KBD lair?

Ans: You can quickly teleport yourself to the lair of KBD with various teleport options. When you start playing, you will get many options that will help you reach your destination easily. Rub the teleport item, and you will be in the Wilderness, but you have to cover the cave distance by traveling.