January 26, 2023

If you want to earn some extra pizazz points without applying much effort then you can play this minigame Mage Training Arena. You can play this game in an area which is located on the northside Al-Kharid Duel Arena. At this place, the player can play and earn a big reward in the form of coins or experience.

This game is available for both members and free-to-play players but the free players will face some limitations.


A minigame is a part of OSRS which is described by using a red star. The player can play these games to earn experience or items. You can play these minigames again and again but a quest will disappear.

There are five kinds of minigames available in Old School RuneScape:

  • Castle wars
  • Clan wars
  • Duel arena
  • The last man standing
  • Treasure trails

After completing these games you will earn pizzazz points. You can buy some items with these points and it’s up to you how many points you earn.

Do not mix this minigame with Mage Arena quest because that quest is dangerous and can be played in the wilderness.

In this game, you have to participate in different games and you need some equipment to complete it. That equipment is mentioned below:

  • Nature Rune (used for the transmutation of spells)
  • Cosmic Rune (used primarily in enhancing spells)
  • Law Rune (used in all the teleportation spells)

There are four rooms in this game the player needs to earn some specific points to buy something. These rooms are located on the north of the Arena:

  • Telekinetic theatre
  • Alchemists playground
  • Enchanting chamber
  • Creature graveyard

Now, you have to cross all these rooms safely to earn your reward.

Telekinetic Theatre

The player needs the magic level 33 in this room to move the stationary maze guardian through the maze. There are a lot of mazes in the room that players need to move and after solving each maze the player will get 8 telekinetic pizazz points, 10 law runes, and a thousand magic experience.

According to other players, you can complete 50 mazes in one hour but you are not allowed to make so many mistakes.

Alchemist’s Playground

There are 8 cupboards available in the room and the player needs high-level alchemy or low-level alchemy to change the items into coins. When you will change items into coins and get 100 coins it will deposit into your account as 1 alchemist point and 2 magic experiences.

The number of coins and the locations of the items changes every 42.2 seconds.

Enchanting Chamber

In this room, the player will use an enchanting spell to change the items into the orb and gain points but if you will use dragon stones you will get a double reward. You will receive 1 pizazz point for changing the shape of every item into orbs.

On the other hand, if you want to earn an extra reward you can deposit these orbs in the middle of the room to gain some additional reward.

Creature Graveyard

The player needs to change the bones into the shape of a banana by using a Bones to Banana spell. There are 4 types of bones in the room and every bone has 4 sub bones which you have to change into fruits. After changing them you need to put them on the wall to get points.

You will also get some damages but if you lose your life here you have to pay 10 graveyard points. At the end of this room, the player will get 1 graveyard point and a bonus of water, earth, nature, or blood runes.


There is a shop on the upstairs of this room from where you can buy runes, infinity robes, wands, the magic book, and the bones to peach in exchange for these pizazz points. If you will earn a good amount of points during these four rooms then you will get all the items you are looking for.


This minigame is a bonus for the player by playing it you can earn a lot of pizazz points. Secondly, you can buy some important items or weapons which will help you to the next level. Make sure to play this mage training arena carefully and get a big reward to buy everything you want.