January 26, 2023


Sanfew wants a herb to complete his purifying rituals but this herb is rare and you have to find it. Travel back to Stronghold and find this rare herb so that Sanfew may complete his rituals.

Items Required:

  • Climbing boots
  • Vodka
  • Pineapple chunks
  • 3 logs
  • 10 grains
  • 5 raw chickens
  • Tinder box
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Ranarr potion

Items Recommended:

  • 44 Agility to avoid rock-throwing trolls
  • Ardougne teletabs
  • Games necklace
  • Slayer ring
  • Dareman staff
  • Food and armour
  • Energy potions
  • Weight reducing cloth
  • Prayer potion


Talk to Sanfew and ask him if he needs your help. He will ask you to bring him a herb goutweed but he does not where you can get it.

He will suggest you visit Mad Eadgar who lives in a cave near Troll Stronghold.

Some of the important points to know here. If you have completed level 47 of agility you can use an option of shortcuts that will help you to reach your destination quickly.

Use protection from missiles by using 40 prayers.

After reaching the Trolls Stronghold go inside the cave and talk to Eadgar. Ask him about goutweed and he will tell you that troll cooks use this herb as an ingredient in their meal. You have to ask the cook about it.

Go downstairs in the cave and look for a cook and ask Burntmeat about the herb. He will ask you to exchange humans if you want to get this goutweed because he is fed up with goats and wants to change his taste.

Come back to Eadgar and tell him about the demand of the cook. He will suggest you get a parrot from the Ardougne Zoo.

Visit the zoo and talk to Parroty Pete. Ask him about his food and he will tell you about pineapple chunks and vodka.

Now, use vodka on the chunks and you will be able to catch the parrot with these alco-chunks.

Go back to Eadgar and give him this parrot. At this point, he will tell you that you must use some techniques to change into a human. The parrot must look, talk, and smell like a human being.

Talk like a human:

Hide this parrot at any place where he can learn the language of troll people.

Look like a human:

Use 10 pieces of grains and 1 log to make him look like a man.

Smell like a human:

You need some dirty robes to add the smell of a human in it.

Taste like a human:

Use 5 raw chickens and make the parrot tasty because everything tastes like a chicken.

After this process, Eadgar will tell you to use the truth potion on troll because they can lie about the goutweed.

Now pick up the parrot that turns into a human and truth potion and give it to Burntmeat. Ask him about the herb, he will tell you that you will get it in the storeroom. The keys to storerooms can be found in the drawer of the kitchen.

Pick up the keys in the drawer of the troll and move towards the storeroom.

You have to find the goutweed carefully otherwise, trolls will throw you out of the room. Wait for a moment and carefully enter the room.

When you will find the herb troll will throw you out of the room.

Come back to Sanfew, give him the herb, and collect your reward.


  • 1 quest point
  • 11,000 herblore XP
  • Trollheim teleport


This quest is all about finding a herb. One of the easiest quests in Old School RuneScape.

Make sure to have all the recommended items in your bag because these items will help you in completing the Eadgar’s Ruse.

This little guide will help you to complete your quest easily without getting injured.