January 25, 2023
Becoming CISM Certified

Data in any business is a really important aspect for the company. And with data comes the possible threats and vulnerabilities to it caused by malpractices or due to careless handling. The need for information security arises from this situation. Information security helps any business by protecting the functionality of the organization by setting policies and operating the organization with complex, shifting legislation, efficient, and capable applications.

Security of information also helps in enabling the safe operation of applications. Any organization is under huge pressure to operate and create efficient and capable applications. So the organization needs a safe environment for the applications. Protection of the data that the organization collects and uses is also ensured by information security. In any organization, data flows in two forms: rest or in motion. The motion of data means that the data is currently used or is being processed by the system.

This is vulnerable to attacks where the attackers steal or corrupt the data. Information security makes sure that both the data in motion and the data in rest are protected through the use of IT systems. It also makes sure to safeguard technology assets in organizations. These reasons make it definite for any business to have professionals that are focused on the safety of data and integration of all data safely. This creates a huge opportunity for everyone in this field because there is no business that would not need an information security specialist. 

As the level of expertise required for a senior security expert changes and increases with time, both professionals and companies are facing problems acquiring those skills as well as finding qualified professionals. The best thing to do in this situation is to prepare for such career opportunities by using high-level certifications such as ISACA’s CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) so that you can validate your skills, knowledge, and experience to provide evidence to the recruiters.

CISM stands out because of the fact that it’s focused on management, which is required heavily at this time. It promotes the use of international security practices and having those required skills to handle, design, watch over, and assess a business’s data security program. The exam has 150 questions based on four domains with a time constraint of fewer than four hours. Once the exam is qualified, you will be required to provide proof of work experience for at least five years in the field of information security management.

Earning this CISM certification validates your skills to find a relation and a merge point between an information security program and business objectives. These skills are I’m high demand and are a great choice if you want an increase in your salary. Let’s see a few tips which will help you to pass your CISM exam and quickly become CISM certified. 

1. Read the ISACA’s Exam Candidate Information Guide

Every year, ISACA publishes a candidate guide which provides lots of practical information for the CISM exam like important topics such as registration for the exam, deadlines, important details for exam-day administration, exam domains, number of questions, languages, and length of the exam. You must go through this guide before taking the CISM exam.

2. Learn to Think Like a Manager

You must understand that CISM is also focused on management, so along with the technical stuff, you need to think like a project manager too. Like in the exam, if you face any question, you don’t just need to have a nice technical solution; you must also think about factors such as project cost, company’s strategies, how your project is going to affect the other processes, how can you make good use of the resources available and even minimize the wastage and thinking of an optimized solution keeping these points in mind and so on.

3. Take Practice Exams

Practicing the things you already know allows you to evaluate yourself. In this exam, this self-evaluation is really important before appearing for the real one. So you can check out the free 50-question self-assessment from ISACA, and then look at the official CISM Review Questions, Answers & Explanations. 

4. Create a Study Plan

A plan and a road map are necessary for anything. Decide when you are going to take the exam. After that, collect resources and finally create a schedule. While doing this, make sure to create a realistic schedule for yourself and write down your end result of the day: expectation and reality. This will keep you in check. 

5. Join the CISM Exam Study Community

Nothing is a better motivator than the competition. You should join the CISM Exam Study Community, which is sponsored by ISACA and is free. This will allow you to share and receive questions, study methods, and tips for the exam. Here you can meet and talk with people having the same goal as you, and you can discuss and keep each other in check.

6. Have an Exam-Day Preparation Plan

Go through your CISM guide to see if you have everything prepared before your CISM exam. Take rest and ensure you are calm as a good physical and mental state plays an important role in ensuring a good state of mind to give the test in. It makes sure that you don’t make any mistakes due to tiredness.

7. Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind and focus on what you have studied for the past few months. Try to gather everything up and stay focused. Try to keep your concentration along with keeping track of the time, as even seconds can be a game-changer.