January 26, 2023

The forsaken tower in old school Runescape is a novice quest where the player has to help a person to re-built a door that is breaking.

For thousands of years, Wintertodt has been living safely and peacefully behind this door but now the door is failing.


People of Great Kourend are afraid of Wintertodt because they exactly do not know what is this.

According to the lookout who is guarding the great door of Dinh, it is a boss who has the power to reduce the temperature.

This minigame-style boss decreases the temperature to extremely low and brings a storm of winter and unfathomable cold. Now, he is dying behind the door and it is necessary to save him.


Talk to lady Valcuna Lovakengi who is attending an assembly. She is the leader of the Lovakengi house. Talk to her and ask her if she needs your help. She will agree to help her.

Go to the Wintertodt camp by using a game necklace. This necklace will teleport you toward his camp.

Talk to Ignisia who is the grandmaster of the order of the old sacred flame. She will provide you with some unique items of wintertodt that will help you how to subdue him.

Talk to dwarf Undor who is also there in the camp. He will tell you about the doors of Dinh where Wintertodt lives. He is the maintainer of this door.

Now, by using battlefront teleport, go to the Forsaken tower where the door of Dinh is located.

Properly inspect the display case here.

There is a ladder in front of the display case, go down and open the north-eastern door.

Now search for the crate where you will find a generator crank. This crank will help you to turn on the power grid in the center of the room.

After starting the generator the whole room will fill up with light that will help you to perform your next step.

Inspect the power grid and align it.

Now, go up to the ladder again in that room and walk toward the northern room for the next step.

Search the cupboards for Tinderbox which is used for the lighting process. The player can use it in dark places to get the light.

A 5-gallon jug and an 8-gallon jug, both of these jugs will help you to solve the puzzle and obtain Dinh’s hammer.

Now, it’s a math riddle here that you have to solve.

  • Fill up the 5-gallon jug with coolant in the west and making 5-0
  • Use the 5-gallon jug on the empty 8-gallon jug and making 0-5
  • Fill the 5-gallon jug with coolant and making 5-5
  • Use the 5-gallon jug on the 8-gallon jug and make 2-8
  • Empty the 8-gallon jug and make 2-0
  • Use the 5-gallon jug on an empty 8-gallon jug and make 0-2
  • Fill the -gallon jug with coolant and make 5-2
  • Use the 5-gallon jug on the 8-gallon jug and make 0-7
  • Fill a 5-gallon jug with coolant and make 5-2
  • Use the 5-gallon jug on the 8-gallon jug and make 4-8

At this point, you have 4 gallons of coolant in the 5-gallon jug. Use these coolant jugs on the furnace and light it up with the tinderbox.

When the furnace is on the player will smell an adamantite bar which will tell you that the furnace is working.

Now, again go upstairs and open the door.

You need a cleansing fluid from the northern table but there are so many cupboards there. If you pick the wrong one you will damage it and you have to choose it carefully. The number of cupboards with cleansing fluid is different for every player.

You have to search for an old note to solve this riddle and obtain which is the right position for you.

By using this trick you will get the right potion and it is the same trick for everyone who is playing the game.

  • Fluid A is directly left of Fluid B.
  • Fluid B is next to Fluid C.
  • Fluid D is direct to the right of Fluid E.
  • Fluid A is opposite Fluid D.

For the solution

  • A has to be 1 (far left).
  • B has to be 2 (middle left).
  • C has to be 3 (middle).
  • D has to be 5 (far right).
  • E has to be 4 (middle right).

After choosing the correct fluid, cleanse it by clicking on the refinery and activate it.

Go upstairs again and solve another riddle.

Now, there are 4 discs and 3 payons. You have to remove all the discs from different pylons and place it in the middle one.

You have to use this trick or by following this method you will complete this challenge.

  • From West (W) to East (E)
  • From W to Centre (C)
  • From E to C
  • From W to E
  • From C to W
  • From C to E
  • From W to E
  • From W to C
  • From E to C
  • From E to W
  • From C to W
  • From E to C
  • From W to E
  • From W to C
  • From E to C

Now, after completing all these puzzles, go downstairs and get Dinh’s hammer from the display case.


Go back and give this hammer to Undor. He will fix the door by using this hammer.

Return to lady Valcuna and tell her about the completion of the door and get your reward.

Congratulations, your quest has been completed.


  • 1 quest point
  • 500 mining experience
  • 500 smithing experience
  • 6000 coins
  • A favor certificate
  • A memoir page


This is one of the favorite games among people because the player has to solve different riddles to get the hammer.

All you need is to save the wintertodt that becomes the boss of the people and controls the temperature.

After completing the Forsaken tower you will get a certificate from the Lovakengi people which is a big reward and they will ask for your help again.