January 26, 2023
Save Money on Home Loan

For most, a home is like a dream purchase, which provides an opportunity to select where you want to reside. Structural demand for homes is extremely strong in India, and the demand just continues to increase. Amid the increasing costs of owning a home, a home loan is one of the most common ways of purchasing a home. In the case of a home loan, the borrower takes up a Best Home Loan from the bank and then pays this back over time, generally with monthly payments that are the same as any other loan category.

With mortgage interest rates presently at their lowest over the long term, this may be the correct occasion to take benefit of such rates and finally buy your own house. However, it has been viewed that homebuyers often are tempted to go for the very first lender they approach in scenarios of low rates. This might not be the correct choice because there are various things to factor in before locking up a loan deal and committing to setting the rate of interest for the long term.

There are various parameters like your credit score, down payment, income level etc., that impact your loan’s interest rate offered by lenders. In addition to the rate of interest, there are various other parameters like repayment tenure, lender reputation, and other fees which require being added up to compare the best lenders in the market.

Even after doing your research and selecting a lender that you believe matches well with your interest, there are various ways with which you can easily save a lot of money in your credit journey. However, an important step in such a journey towards saving your money is having an in-depth understanding of home loans, their types and the things that should be factored in when planning out your home loan.

Here is all you must know about home loans involving how you must save money on home loans:

What is meant by a home loan?

A home loan is a kind of loan generally available to buy a home. It often is one of the biggest debts that you take up in your life. Home loans are a good way to save money. However, it is crucial to know all-important home loan details before signing up on the dotted line. As a home loan is used to buy a home, a Home Construction Loan is a variant of a home loan available to construct your home on the bought property.

What are the kinds of home loans available?

There are 2 major kinds of home loans available – variable and fixed rate. Fixed-rate loans offer full stability in payments and rate of interest, while variable interest rate loans permit mortgage payments, which fluctuate a bit in response to the change in the rate of interest. The fixed-rate home loan contains a set of rates that do not change across the loan term. It means that your payments will stay stable over the period, but your thorough interest might be on the higher end than the variable rate home loans.

Variable-rate home loans often are based on the index or on other agreed-on formulas for setting changes to the rate of interest. It means that your repayments can go down or up over time based on how the rates move during the period.

Major things you must note when availing the home loan

A home loan is a kind of loan that an individual avails for purchasing a home, constructing a home, or refinancing the existing mortgage. Listed below are a few key points you must remember when availing the home loan –

Repayment term – Understand the loan term and factor in the time length you will be repaying the mortgage.

Rate of interest – The rate of interest of the loan is often one of the crucial features to factor in when you are determining which lender to select from.

Negotiate – It is always considered good to negotiate with the lender and get a concession on the home loan interest rate.

How can you save your money with a home loan?

Taking a good deal on a home loan is an important measure of financial security. Thus, it is no wonder that many may be looking for distinct ways to save money on home loans. The good news is several options can assist you in saving on your payments that go towards EMI every month. You can save excessively on your home loan just by following the basics like reviewing your rate of interest, reading all-important terms & conditions etc.

A thumb rule to save money on a home loan is to avail of an economical loan and then repay it as soon as possible. In this way, you simply can save a lot of funds on interest as you are making your monthly payments on the principal balance. Listed here are methods to save money on your loan –

∙ Part prepayment – one of the major ways to save funds on a home loan is via part prepayment. As the name suggests, part prepayment means you would be making the partial payment on the due principal. You can lower your interest component outgo by opting for regular part prepayments in loan repayment tenure duration. You always can use the annual bonuses, another unanticipated financial gain, or any other investments for making the part prepayment.

The major benefits of part prepayment are you can save money on the interest over time. You must always check-up with your lender for any type of changes that you might incur for the part prepayments. In case you can afford this, you must make early home loan payments every month in place of repaying off your interest for some time. In this way, you may be able to reduce your overall interest and get rid of the debt faster.

∙ Negotiate with the lender: Negotiating is when you request a lower interest rate on your home loan with the lender. Also, you can request an extension on the repayment date.

For availing of a home loan, you can approach any of the lenders offering the lowest rate of interest and processing charges. A few of the lenders include SBI home loan, Punjab National Bank, Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda etc.