January 26, 2023
What Sports Cause Ankle Injuries


Ankle injury is one of the common injuries among athletes or sportspeople. Over the years, an incredible increase in ankle injuries has been found in annually organized athletic programs. An ankle sprain is one of the most common ankle injuries, which has been increased with a total of 25,000 sprains a day. It has been reported that 40 per cent of all ankle injuries are comprised of ankle injuries.

Another report shows that 45 per cent of basketball players suffer from ankle injuries and soccer and football players are not far behind in the statistics. This article is a detailed account of the common sports contributing to the ankle injuries and the common ankle injuries. As well as this, you can take an idea of whether wearing the ankle braces helps with the ankle injuries or not. So, let’s start the discussion here:

What sports cause ankle injuries?

Athletes or sportspeople involved in any of the following sports may be at risk of ankle injuries:

Ankle injuries in basketball

Basketball is a high-contact sport involving jumping, twisting, running, or side-to-side movements. These actions can make your feet or ankles stretched beyond their limits. For example, landing awkwardly from a jump can put extra pressure or stretch your feet or ankle.

This is why basketball players are at a high risk of ankle injuries. Warming up before your session and wearing supportive garments such as ankle braces help avoid the risks of ankle injuries. As well as this, you need to learn proper techniques to get a safe playing experience.

Ankle injuries in football

Football is considered one of the high-contact sports. People of all ages love to play football. Footballers perform several actions during playing, including running, jumping, and direct falling. As well as this, they may also collide with opponents. All these activities can cause injuries to different body parts.

Among the most common injuries in football, ankle injury is the one. It usually results from awkwardly landing from jumping and when a footballer collides or falls. Ensure that you accurately run and land from a jump to avoid ankle injuries. As well as this, warming up your body before playing and wearing ankle support braces helps reduce the chances of ankle injuries.   

Ankle injuries in Cricket

Studies or events have shown that ankle injury, especially a sprained ankle, is most common among cricketers. Cricketers, especially fast bowlers, are most likely to stretch ligaments because their feet are planted during the bowling action. However, improper landing a foot during bowling or twisting is the common cause of ankle injuries.

When you feel pain in your ankle, you should avoid performing bowling. As well as this, wear a suitable ankle brace to help ease pain and other symptoms. Remember that overuse can cause serious issues to your ankles, which may take longer to heal.

Ankle injuries in kickboxing

The continuous pivoting and elevating the foot when kickboxing can put extra pressure on the ankles and makes them vulnerable to injuries. The most common ankle injury that kickboxers face is the ankle sprain. The most common causes of ankle injuries during kickboxing are the one-limb support and the abundance of side-to-side motions.

The best way to get a safe kickboxing experience is to learn all the proper techniques of kickboxing. However, supportive garments such as ankle support braces help reduce the impacts of overuse or side-to-side motions.

Ankle injuries in Tennis

Tennis players are involved in side-to-side movements, walking, jumping, and abrupt stops. All these actions can cause injuries to your lower limbs. The body part which is affected most during tennis is your ankles. However, experts suggest some preventive tips to avoid the chances of ankle injuries during tennis.

For example, warming up your body is necessary before practice and tournaments. As well as this, good practice and wearing the ankle support braces for tennis help you perform well during your tournament. Ensure that you also follow all other given instructions suggested by your professional trainers.

Ankle injuries in Rugby

Rugby can be harmful to your feet or ankles. The common causes of ankle injuries in rugby are cutting, running, and direct trauma during a scrum and tackling. If you are a rugby player, then you should be aware of the possible risk factors contributing to ankle injuries.

For example, an inversion ankle sprain can damage the ligaments of your ankle and can also be linked with peroneal tendon injuries and stress fractures. Regular stretching exercises and wearing ankle braces help you get a safe playing experience during practice or tournaments.

Ankle injuries in Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport involving running, jumping, pivoting, and other actions. All these actions, when performed poorly, can cause serious injuries to your body. For example, when landing awkwardly from jumping during rugby, your ankle may twist or stretch out. The injury may be serious and can keep you away from the court for a long time.

This is why experts suggest some most effective preventive measures to help control the diseases. For example, regular stretching exercises and warming your body before every session help you avoid injuries. Experts also suggest wearing ankle braces for Volleyball, helping control the chances of injuries.

What are common ankle injuries?

Sports may hurt your feet or ankles in several ways. However, the following are the most common ankle injuries athletes or sportspeople may face:

Ankle sprain

Ankle sprain or a sprained ankle is a condition resulting from rolling, twisting, or inappropriately turning your ankle. The condition may result from stretching and tearing the ligaments – the bands of tough tissues helping hold your ankle bones together.

The common causes of an ankle sprain may include a fall causing your ankle to twist, landing awkwardly from jumping or pivoting, running on an uneven surface, or colliding with other players. The common symptoms of a sprained ankle may include pain, tenderness, bruising, swelling, restricted range of motion, ankle instability, and a popping sensation.

Ankle stress fracture

An ankle stress fracture is a condition resulting from a crack or break in the bone. A repeatedly small or moderate amount of force applied to the bone over time can cause a stress fracture. Frequent or repeated motions during sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and gymnastics, can cause a stress fracture.

The symptoms of a stress fracture may depend upon the condition; however, common symptoms may include pain, swelling, tenderness, and bruising. Icing and elevating the fractured area help ease pain and swelling immediately. However, severe conditions require surgical treatments to place the broken bone back in place.

How does ankle supports help with ankle injuries?

Ankle braces help you in a variety of ways. For example, they help reduce the chances of ankle injuries during practice and tournaments. They help keep your ankle in a neutral position, helping rolling, twisting and going to an awkward position.

As well as this, wearing ankle support braces helps provide maximum support and compressions, helping speed up recovery following an ankle injury. Experts also suggest wearing ankle braces after surgery as they help promote healing.

Find the best ankle support braces

Wearing ankle support braces help you avoid injuries as well as speed up the recovery. But wearing the right type of ankle braces is necessary to get maximum benefits. Remember that wearing the wrong brace is just a waste of time and may cause other issues to your ankles instead.

For choosing a correct ankle brace, you can take help from your healthcare providers. However, at 360 relief, you can find a variety of ankle braces to help manage your ankle injuries.