January 26, 2023

People for recreation and entertainment play games, as they do not want to engage themselves in the games to enjoy them physically. Thanks to technology and advancement in the use of the internet, there is a wide variety of games online that you can enjoy.

In the Philippines, the game called WPC 2029 is played with cocks instead of animals like camels and horses. So if you want to know all about WPC 2029, keep on treading this valuable post.

All About WPC 2029

Every year in the WPC events of WPC, the Philippine people bring their cocks and participate in tournaments where cocks fight each other.

So WPC 2029 is the event’s name as it is the website’s main page where you can see the updates of events. People play with these cocks, place a bet on them and earn cash when they win WPC.

So before diving into the game, you need to register for it, and people can also watch this event and game on WPC live.

WPC 2029 Live.com

If people want to take a chance in the WPC 2029, they must register on WPC live.com. You can register for this game for different reasons, as many websites are working on it, but each comes with distinct policies.

Therefore, if registered on the WPC website, you must log in to WPC live.com. While if you do not have an account on the WPC website, then you should get the registration on WPC official website.

Every one is liable to give correct information and data on these websites. Otherwise, you cannot register yourself.

Step For Registration

  • Enter the username
  • Secondly, create a password and enter there
  • Re-enter the password for verification
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • For authentification, give your phone number and Facebook ID
  • Then provide your date of birth which is mentioned on your official I d card
  • Give your details of the source of income
  • After completing all steps click on the registration

How To Reset The Password?

Most people are not perfect at remembering their passwords, so if you forget your password for WPC, you can easily reset it by providing your phone number and clicking on the forget password option.

Then you will receive a code on your mobile by SMS alert from the WPC live dashboard. Now log in to the WPC dashboard and create a new password.

It would help if you remembered that when you registered WPC 2029, I’ve cashed you the phone number in your common use. In another case, it will be impossible for you to reset your password.

WPC Live Dashboard

The WPC live dashboard is an online platform where all the necessary steps are performed that are related to tournaments and events. You can use the WPC live dashboard to register and participate in the game; you can watch the online fighting of cocks.

Additionally, the platform provides information about future events and updates from previous tournaments.

You can also get aware of the rules and regulations of the game there. Unluckily if you cannot use it, you can get the updated information from the Facebook page, as all the shared information shared from the official website about the events and tournaments is given there.

Constant changes occur in the tournaments and on logos as all the features are different from WPC 2027.

WPC 2029 For Android

WPC 2029 is a game that you can easily play on your android mobile and is also available on the Play Store. If you want to download WOC 2029 on your android phone, you should have android version 2.3 OS. The android top offers all versions and applications of WPC, so you can easily download them on your mobile.

To do it, you have to scroll down your screen below, where you can see various links to download the app. You can view the app on your pc so you can use emulators.

All the apps and games are for personal use, so you can easily share this with your family and friends.

Therefore, the app will help support the android community and developers to sign in on the more current apps. This way, you can get the advantage of playing mobile games and entertaining yourself.

Things To Keep In Mind

While watching WPC 2029 online or participating in the events of WPC 2029, you should remember the essential tips:

  • You have to invest money to watch the tournaments after completion of the first trial
  • The earning aspect in the WPC 2029 is completely dependable on luck
  • There is no responsibility of the WPC 2029 owner in case of any harm or injury to the user
  • If you are not brave and possess a weak heart, then it is suggested that you should not participate in the game because sometimes, during the game, the cocks become very bloody, and it is brutal to watch them.

Is WPC 2029 Being Legal?

All the events and tournaments of the WPC 2029 and the fights of cocks are absolute examples of animal cruelty. But according to the culture and tradition of the Philippines, the game is completely legal and demanded of the natives.

In contrast, the game is completely banned in all other countries of the world because the game humiliates the rights of animals and birds.

Therefore, you cannot get access to this game if you reside in these countries where it is banned. It is undoubtedly legal and safe for the countries that support and allow to play this game.


Like WPC 2027, WPC 2029 is a game of fighting cocks that most people in the Philippines like to play like a gambling game. The game is not allowed to play in other countries as it violates the rights of birds and animals. During this game, many cocks might die and be killed in the game.   

So what do you think WPC 2027 is better or WPC 2029?